Colorado-based food company Earth Balance has just launched two of its new organic spreads to the market. The two new products are “Organic Coconut Spread” and “Mindful Mayo Dressing and Sandwich Spread.”

Earth Balance’s new organic spreads are said to be one of a kind. Earth Balance’s new Coconut Spread offers consumers an affordable and convenient way of incorporating coconut oil into their diet. Also in line with the growing trend for coconut oil, this new product is created with almost the same formula as Earth Balance’s Buttery Spread. The only difference is that extra-virgin coconut oil replaces the conventional soybean oil. This new coconut spread is vegan and soy-free, and can be the perfect replacement for butter in cooking or baking. It is also a great addition to steamed vegetables, toast, Thai dishes and a number of other dishes. This new product is certified to be all organic, and is more reasonably priced as compared to regular shelf-stable coconut oil.

Earth Balance’s other new product, MindfulMayo Dressing & Spread is also a plant-based product that is a perfect addition to healthier foods. This condiment is egg-free, dairy-free and cholesterol-free. MindfulMayo is available in three varieties: Original, Organic and Extra-Virgin Olive Oil. This salad dressing and sandwich spread is perfect for sandwiches, as well as a mayonnaise replacement to be used in any kind of dish. Both of these products are free from hydrogenated oils, artificial ingredients and trans-fats.

Earth Balance’s Coconut Spread is now available in retail stores nationwide for $4.99, while MindfulMayo is also available in retail stores nationwide for $3.49-$4.39.