New Relishes and Pickles from Gedney

Minnesota-based food company M.A. Gedney Corporation has launched a new addition to its product line. These new products include chips, pickles, relishes, and Balsamic Munchers made from the season’s largest and freshest stock.

These new products, which consist of a variety of relishes and pickles, are sold under the labels Gedney, Cains and Del Monte. The new product recipes are free from sugar and have low sodium content.

New sugar-free pickle products sold under the Del Monte® label are Sweet Pickle Relish and Sweet Gherkin Pickles.

New products sold under the Cains® label are Reduced-sodium Hamburger Chips, Sweet Relish (Sugar-free), Bread and Butter Chip (Sugar-free) and ‘Balsamic Munchers.

One new product sold under the Gedney® label is Balsamic Munchers.

According to Jim Cook who is the company’s vice president for technical services, these new products are the company’s answer to consumers’ request about pickles that are sugar-free and have low sodium content. Cook added that the company is proud to claim that they were able to meet consumers’ demands without sacrificing the flavor and quality of their pickles.

Their new hamburger chip product, which has been reduced in terms of sodium content, only has 75% sodium content as compared to regular hamburger chips in the market. To add sweetness without having to add sugar, the company used sucralose (a sugar-substitute which is calorie free) in the new sugar-free products.

All three labels also include nutrition icons that will help consumers identify if the products meet their dietary needs. These nutrition icons will also indicate that the products are gluten-free, sugar-free and are low in carbohydrate content.


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