California-based company R.W. Knudsen Family has recently launched two new additions to its Sparkling Essence line of beverages. The two new beverage varieties are Organic Coconut Sparkling Essence and Organic Lime Sparkling Essence.

R.W. Knudsen Family’s Sparkling Essence beverages are all made from organic ingredients and natural spring water. This simple combination results in a sparkling beverage that appeals to consumers for being refreshingly clean and organic. These sparkling beverages are completely free of artificial ingredients. It is also a healthy, as it contains none of the usual calories, fat, sugar and carbohydrates of many other beverages.

These two new sparkling beverages fulfill the dietary principle that the USDA’s MyPlate program has been promoting. Since the MyPlate, or MyPyramid, principle suggests to “drink water instead of sugary drinks,” these Sparkling Essence beverages will definitely be a good recommendation when it comes to sugar-free drinks.

The two new additions to R.W. Knudsen’s Sparkling Essence line will join other existing varieties, which are Organic Mint and Organic Blueberry. Every one of these sparkling varieties offers a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. These beverages are convenient and can be enjoyed while on the go, in a party, or even while relaxing at home.

All six flavors of the organic Sparkling Essences of R.W. Knudsen beverages have undergone the company’s unique process in producing its organic drinks: brewing organic ingredients in pure spring water, and then extracting everything except for the flavor’s unqualified “essence.”

R.W. Knudsen Sparkling Essence is packed in 10.5-ounce slim cans. The product is sold either in 4-packs or individually. Suggested selling price is from $3.79 to $3.99 for every four 4-pack.