North Country Smokehouse is a U.S.-based food processing company engaged in the production of smoked meats and cheeses. The company is headquartered in New Hampshire, USA.

North Country Smokehouse’s history started with Abraham Satzow almost one hundred years ago. Satzow started to sell smoked meat products using his horse-drawn cart. Satzow was a butcher who preferred to use old world techniques that were practiced in Europe. With these techniques, Satzow smoked his meat products and brought out the perfectly blended flavor of the meat.

Over time, Satzow’s business grew and expanded, owing to the excellent quality of his smoked products. The company’s location remained at the same site of Abraham Satzow’s original butcher shop.  Like its office and main processing facility, its products have remained to carry the same original taste that the founder created.

NC Smokehouse is one of the few family-owned smokehouses in the country. All of its products, from meats to cheeses, are created free from artificial ingredients and flavorings. The company has stayed true to its original practices, not implementing the use of fillers, artificial flavorings, dyes, MSG or liquid smoke. Ever since the company started, it has continued to use all-natural ingredients. All the processes done to produce the smoked products are done in the old-fashioned manner.

The pork meat that the company uses comes from only natural and organic farms and is from pigs that are of a special variety, one that is related to Duroc pig. This variety is popular for the flavor and leanness of its meat.

Today, aside from competing in the market, NC Smokehouse also gives back to the New Hampshire community by patronizing local producers, participating in local community programs like the Free Farmed Community Program. This particular community organization encourages business owners and farmers to handle and properly care for livestock. Proof of the company’s participation in this program is the “certified humane” logo printed on all of the company’s products. The company’s participation in the community has helped the community of Claremont become a revitalized area in New Hampshire, USA.

• Headquarters: Claremont, New Hampshire
• Ownership Type: Private
• No. of Employees: information not available
• Geography: USA
• Demography: smoked meats, cheeses, sausages and brisket consumers

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