Omni Foods Supermarkets

Omni_Superstore112 (1)Omni Foods Supermarket is a business that is under family ownership and has been known to provide the freshest products including cheese, meat, baked goods, delicious pastries, organic produce and many more products. Customers are a key priority at Omni Foods, and hence, the company is dedicated towards providing high-quality services and products.


The history of Omni Foods Supermarkets dates back to 1981 when Jackson’s Star Market was established by Thelma and Jack Der Avedisian in New Hampshire. When the business began, the fundamental principle was that customers were a priority and a key ingredient to company success. The company also embraced the attitude that “it could do the business better.” Employees at Omni Foods embrace the philosophy and are dedicated to offering the highest quality services and foods to customers. For this reason, each new employee reinforces the mentioned philosophy and belief, and this has enabled the company to satisfy its customers and deliver the best services. The company’s adherence to its philosophy is clearly evident from customer reviews and feedback. Customers have always maintained that the associates of Omni Foods are not only courteous, but also helpful. The company always provides the freshest and best quality perishables at affordable costs.


Headquarters: 21 Center St., Weston, MA 02493, United States

Ownership: Family ownership

Number of Employees: 20 to 49 employees

Number of Stores: 2 stores

Geography: Weston MA, Lexington MA

Demography: Value shoppers

Annual Revenue: 5 to 10 Million dollars

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