Peanut Proud Festival

peanuts(2)The Peanut Corporation of America’s management and employees are currently facing indictment charges over distributing salmonella tainted peanuts to stores countrywide. They may not exactly be proud of their peanut related actions, but the little town of Blakely, Georgia, where PCA’s factory is situated certainly is.

Blakely, located in Early County, Georgia, is fondly named ‘The Peanut Capital of the world.’ True to its name, there are quite a number of peanut farms throughout the area, and it even boasts of having a peanut monument that acknowledges the local peanut industry. Moreover, they have a festival dubbed the ‘Peanut Proud Festival’ that is aimed at saluting the contributions of the peanut industry to the residents of Blakely. This annual event takes place at the Courthouse Square at the heart of this adorably vibrant town and hosts an admirable number of people, including tourists.

A peanut parade marks the beginning of this festival where a Miss Peanut is crowned, as well as her junior. What follows are lively concerts at the square, featuring performances from the local choir, entertaining bands, as well as some famous artists. All the while, there are many peanuts, as well as peanut products and memorabilia on sale. For anyone with a genuine love for peanuts, this would surely turn out to be a very delicious festival. The highlight of the festival is the Street Dance, where the whole town comes alive through music and dance. The Square is cleared and a huge band rocks the square. Anyone and everyone is on the dance square pulling every move they can manage (or remember) and it is definitely a heart-warming moment to watch people so invigorated and joyous.

This year, the festival will take place between the 23rd and 24th of March, and they have even added a fun race, a 5km race, as well as a poker race to the schedule. For those who will happen to be near Blakely around this time, this is definitely worth checking out.


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