Pacific_Coast_HighwayThe people living on the United States West Coast or Canada may want to reconsider their water filtration techniques, as well as the choice and preparation of food. It is evident that the Fukushima nightmare is not yet over. The entire Pacific Coast’s ecosystem will be greatly contaminated, owed to the tremendously long half-life of iodine-129. Iodine is not only released from the Fukushima meltdown, but also from the spoiled reactor. The half-life of this radioactive isotope is sixteen million years. Basically, the whole food supply of the West Coast for countless generation will be contaminated. This means that the population has essentially entered into a way of life associated with diseases, illnesses, and high rates of mortality. This is taking into consideration the fact that the water supply provides drinking water for animals and humans, as well as irrigating crops.

There are numerous precautions that can help to protect the general population from a radioactive food supply. One of the major precautions is viewing crustaceans and fish originating from the Pacific Ocean as contaminated. In this way, people will avoid consuming such seafood. The use of filtered water to drink and cook is another precaution worth noting. Attention should be paid to the origin of dairy products. The general population is also advised to wash thoroughly any produce with natural soap and purified water. In addition, the population should avoid consuming meat from contaminated areas. A scientific precaution is adding Calcium Bentonite Clay to drinking water and milk if there is a probability of contamination. About one ounce of Calcium Bentonite Clay is added to one gallon of water or raw milk. Some people may choose to leave the clay settle at the liquid’s bottom part. Generally, the food supply is under the threat of contamination and precautions should be taken.