Poore Brothers

Inventure Group, IncPoore Brothers, now known as Inventure Group, Inc. is a potato chips and dips manufacturing company based in Arizona in the USA. The company distributes its products both nationally and internationally.

The history of Poore Brothers dates back to 1983, when two brothers, Don and Jay Poore, founded Groff’s of Texas, Inc.  Even though the business was a huge success, they sold it and moved to Arizona. In Arizona, they started another company, and named it Poore Brothers. The company manufactured kettle cooked potato chips.

The first manufacturing plant was opened in Goodyear in Arizona in December of 1986. At first, the business struggled to succeed. During the first year, the sales of the company were only $340,000. It suffered huge losses. However, within the next 2 years, the company became successful.

By 1988, sales reached $1.5 million, which doubled to $2.15 million the next year. They also started a distribution business and named it Poore Brothers Distributing Co. The company added more products to its product line and by 1990, it was distributing products to Southern California, Minnesota, Texas and New Mexico.

Mark Howell and his associates founded Southeast in 1993. They bought product licenses from Poore Brothers to manufacture and sell its products and a new manufacturing plant was opened in Tennessee. In 1995, Poore Brothers Southeast acquired Poore Brothers for $4.5 million. At that time, the company had two manufacturing plants and two distribution centers. The company was listed on the New York stock exchange in 1996. The company introduced fat free chips, but were soon discontinued due to lack of popularity.

In February 1999, Eric J. Kufel became the CEO of the company. Over the next few years, it suffered huge financial losses. In 1998, the company acquired Tejas Snacks LP, the makers of the widely popular Bob’s Texas Style Potato Chips. During the late 1990s, the company became the sponsors of the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team. Tato Skins brand of potato chips was introduced in February 2000. Sales peaked to $41.7 million. Over the next few years, Poore Brothers acquired many other brands, and this led to the financial growth of the company. It also started to distribute its products both nationally and internationally. In May 2006, the name of the company was changed to Inventure Group, Inc.

Company headquarters: 5050 N 40th Street # 300, Phoenix, AZ, USA
Ownership: Public
Annual revenue: $2.5 to 5 million
Number of employees: 260
Geography: Western USA
Demography: Natural and Organic

Inventure Foods, Inc.

Boulder Canyon
Bob’s Texas Style
Poore Brothers and its variations
Burger King Onion Rings
Tato Skins
Crunch Toons
T. G. I. Friday’s potato chips
Cinnabon Cookies
Jamba Juice
Rader Farms

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  1. Brian Cowley August 14, 2018 at 10:29 pm - Reply

    I loved their salt and vinegar chips.. they used to sell them in the vending machines at McDonell Douglas helicopter. got a week bag one day and called the phone number on the bag and spoke directly with Don Poore who answered the phone. told him what was up. and he sent a whole box of different varieties to my home. they made great chips. only bought there chips when I lived there.

  2. Es November 17, 2011 at 1:46 pm - Reply

    I’m from Colorado and Hate that you all don’t sell poor brothers jalapeño chips here:-(
    Having a really difficult time finding web site to order from…
    Can you help??
    I love the chips and lived in Az for yrs and was hooked on them!!!

  3. joe yunke August 15, 2011 at 7:29 am - Reply

    Dude!.Trying to order Jalapeno chips. Your online site has an error code (404 )displayed. PLEASE, help us order a case of these great chips.

    • tommy September 29, 2012 at 11:45 am - Reply

      Same here. The jalopeno chips are amazing! My local Dollar Tree had them once. But they haven’t been able to get any more of them.

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