British company Premier Foods has recently launched an addition to its line of Ambrosia® Puds products. This new addition to the dessert product line is known as Fruit Puds.

Fruit Puds are available in three flavors – tropical, strawberry and cherry. Fruit Puds have been launched in order to offer consumers Ambrosia® Custard that is low fat and one that has some fruit compote. With this launch, Premier Foods expects individual deserts to continue to grow and for the Ambrosia® brand to continue growing with it.

Premier Foods’ Ambrosia® Crumble Puds has become one of the company’s most popular brand, with more than 1,7 million homes patronizing the product since it was launched. The company also hopes that with this new addition to the product line, the market for individual deserts will continue to grow. In the past three years, this particular market has grown by 6% and hopefully, the introduction of these Fruit Puds will be able to help maintain this momentum, and even drive more growth.

According to Ambrosia’s Marketing Controller, Lucy Turner, mums today have started to look for choice and convenience in food. The company believes that the entire Puds line, including the new additions, will suit the desert preference of today’s mums.

According to the company, this new delicious addition to the iconic Ambrosia Puds is proof of their commitment to continually meet the evolving needs of consumers. The Fruit Puds are sold in various grocery shops and retail food shops all over the UK with a selling price of 69p each.