Procter and Gamble Corporation has found a way to give back to the community with its BrandSAVER coupons. These coupons help students stay in school and succeed.

Regardless of whatever P&G product it may be, whether it be toothpaste, dog food or other products, as long as it has a BrandSAVER coupon, consumers will be able to help community’s kids. A part of the money that is brought by these coupons will be given to a national program that aims to help the education of kids in the community.

This program, which has already been ongoing for the past 11 years, helps five districts with twelve campuses. However, the program’s budget has just recently been cut by 35% and this could mean that the organization handling the program may have to make some major changes with the way things are being run.

The program requires its staff to be present in the schools to oversee its activities. These activities include helping with the school buses, overseeing students during lunch hours, and some other activities that regular teachers perform. Although the staff is always present in the schools, they still have to remain separate from the students in order to be able to provide a neutral ground that students can ask help from. All these efforts are being done by them as part of ensuring that kids keep going back to school. Aside from these activities, educational trips and information about college are also provided by the program. Procter and Gamble’s BrandSAVER coupons help finance the activities that are carried out by the program.