BCS International Corporation announced on May 24, a recall for Choco. Raisin products under the Dr. Snack® brand. The reason for recalling the products is the presence of undeclared peanuts in its ingredients.

The company stresses that the recall applies only to specified batches, particularly those that have sell by dates of March 5, 2012. The recalled Choco. Raisins have a net weight of 12 ounces and are packaged in clam-shell, hard, transparent, plastic containers. The UPC code for the recalled products is 80555493026. All other products are not affected by the recall.

People who have known allergies to peanuts or peanut products are advised not to consume this product, as it may lead to an allergy attack which could lead to more serious health injury. As of May 24, no reports of allergy attacks or health incidences have been connected to the recalled product.

The company has done an investigation of the problem and discovered that the mistake happened due to a temporary failure in the production and packaging process of the company. Retail stores where the affected products were been distributed have already been informed of the recall and were advised to remove the products from their display racks.

Customers who bought the Choco. Raisin product are encouraged to take it back to the store in order to be given a refund. Customers may also contact BCS at 1-718-392-3355, from Monday until Friday. Questions and concerns will be accommodated from 9 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, Eastern Time.