Eagle Produce, LLC announced on the 24th of June, a recall for some of its cantaloupes. These fruit may possibly have been contaminated with salmonella.

The incidence was discovered after results of a random sampling done by the USDA showed that some cantaloupes in the particular lot were positive for salmonella. Those cantaloupes that were transported from Arizona to New York are the ones affected by the recall. Sam’s Club sold these affected cantaloupes starting June 2. However, the store stopped selling the affected fruit by June 17. Sam’s Club has also sent notices to its members informing them about the recall

All in all, a total of 1760 cartons were recalled, each carton containing nine cantaloupes. The brown cartons are printed with the logo Kandy. On the side of the cartons is the product lot code which says 147 count 9. Each cantaloupe has a sticker with the Kandy logo, along with the indication that the cantaloupes were harvested in the USA.

Salmonella is among the most dangerous bacteria that can pollute food and bring serious food poisoning to humans. In some cases, salmonella infections have caused death to children, to the elderly, to those with pre-existing medical conditions and those with weakened immune systems. Common symptoms of a salmonella infection include fever, nausea, stomach pains, bloody diarrhea (in some cases), and vomiting. No salmonella infections related to the recalled cantaloupes have been reported currently.

Customers who think that they might have purchased the affected cantaloupes may call the company, Eagle Produce, at its hotline 480-323-6177. The company is available to answer customer queries from 8 AM until 5 PM Mountain Standard Time.