Simply AsiaA recall by Simply Asia Foods LLC was announced last April 30 for specific products due to the presence of an undeclared allergen.

The products which were recalled are Simply Asia Noodle Bowl and Thai Kitchen Noodle Carts. Both products are said to possibly contain milk, which has not been indicated as part of the ingredients. The recall was made after it was discovered that sodium caseinate, which is a derivative of milk, was present in low amounts. Sodium caseinate was found to be a sub-ingredient in coconut powder.

Recalled varieties of Thai Kitchen products include Citrus Ginger (sweet), Thai Basil (spicy) and Thai Peanut. As for Simply Asia® all roasted peanut flavored noodle bowl is affected by the recall. The recalled noodle products are packed in individual retail serve bowls. Net weight for Simply Asia® noodles is 9.70 ounces, while net weight for Thai Kitchen® noodles is 9.77 ounces. The company emphasizes that only Simply Asia® and Thai Kitchen® noodles are affected by the recall. This does not include Pad Thai noodle products. Affected UPC codes are: 37628-01024, 37628-01023, 54285-00087, 37628-01027 and 37628-01038.

Milk is one of the common foods that trigger allergy attacks, especially in people that are overly sensitive to it. Currently, there have been no allergy attacks reported that are linked to the recalled noodle products.

Both Simply Asia and Thai Kitchen products have been distributed to retail stores nationwide. The company has already notified its retailers and has asked for the products to be removed from their display shelves. Customers who were able to buy the noodles need not return it. Instead, they are advised to call the company at 1-800-967-8424. They will be given instructions as to what to do with the product. Customers can the company for any concern from 8:30 AM until 7 PM on weekdays and 11 AM until 7 PM on weekends.