PublixBecause of the growing number of grocery shoppers who use coupons to pay for their purchases, it has become a quite a hassle to wait in line during checkouts. This hassle becomes a burden especially if there are a lot of extreme couponers lining up at the checkout.

With the current checkout system, cashiers have to manually enter every single coupon, and check if the coupon corresponds to a specific product in the customers shopping cart. For many, the savings may be considered a great relief, but the waiting certainly is not.

This is the reason behind of Publix’s plan to implement a system of faster checkouts for each of its stores. Currently, the grocery chain is testing a new cash register/coupon verifier system on a select number of its stores. This new system aims to provide customers with fast service, specifically at the checkout. It also aims to better handle the flood of coupons that the store accepts, especially from extreme couponers.

According to Shannon Patten, spokeswoman for Publix, the company is going to implement the new system because their top priority has always been speedy service. And with the current system that Publix has, shoppers who are in the same line with extreme couponers are waiting a long time to check out their purchases. That can lead to a frustrating experience and negative feedback for consumers shopping at Publix.

Currently, only 70 Publix stores nationwide are testing the new cash register. As Publix usually takes a long time in testing new projects, shoppers may have to wait longer to experience the speedy service that the new system will bring.