sentry foodsSentry Foods is a chain of grocery stores whose operations are based in Wisconsin. One of the accomplishments of the company is the fact that since its inception, it has played an active role in partnering with the community that it serves. It has initiated programs that have greatly contributed to community development.


Sentry Foods was founded in the 1960s in the Milwaukee area. During its inception, the Godfrey family was the major operators and suppliers. Fleming companies bought most of the stores in the mind-1980s and began supplying for the company. Unfortunately, Fleming was declared bankrupt in 2000, a state that forced it to sell off most of the stores. The main reasons for the bankruptcy were poor financial choices and missteps. Currently, each store has an independent ownership and operations. Six of the Sentry Foods’ stores are owned and operated by Terry Daniels. Supervalu of Eden Prairie, Minnesota is the key supplier for the six stores. Three Sentry Foods’ stores are owned and operated by two brothers, Kevin and Tim Metcalfe. The brand name for the three stores is “Metcalfe’s Market.” Formerly, Sentry Foods stores were marketed under the banners, Rainbow Foods, Supersaver, and Sun Foods. The largest stores were the Supersaver stores. Because of a stiff competition for other grocery chains such as Wal-Mart, Pick ‘n’ Save, and ALDI, several Sentry Foods Stores have been closed.


Headquarters: 7101 W Lisbon Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Ownership: Public Company

No. of Stores: Nine grocery stores

Geography: Janesville East, Belleville Wisconsin, Whitewater, Janesville West, Elkhorn, Walworth, Wauwatosa, Madison

Demography: Value Shoppers


Metcalfe’s Market


Former banners include Rainbow Foods, Supersaver, AND Sun Foods

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