Seriously Good is a British company that primarily produces a variety of sauces. The company is founded and owned by renowned chef Gordon Ramsay.


Seriously Good’s story started in 2002, when Gordon Ramsay became inspired to develop a new variety of sauces. Inspiration hit him when he went on a trip to Tanzania. The trip was on behalf of Comic Relief, which he had been participating in for a quite a number of years.

Gordon, accompanied by Lenny Henry, went to visit a humanitarian project that cared for the street children of America. He was very touched by what he saw, as well as when he met the children, that he decided to do what he could to help raise money for the project through Comic Relief. This idea then led to the founding of Seriously Good.

Seriously Good’s range of Italian sauces took three years to develop. Experiments for the sauces and the development of what would then be the final products were done in Gordon’s kitchen and overseen by him personally. Together with his team of expert chefs, they were able to produce a range of Italian sauces, all of which have intense and rich flavours that consumers will love. The experiments and final products are made from premium quality ingredients like porcini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar (12-year old) and cherry tomatoes (oven-roasted). All of these Italian sauces are slow-cooked, with the herbs and vegetables added in the end process in order to keep their flavour vibrant, as well as allow the tomatoes’ natural sweetness to come out.

Seriously Goods’ range of Indian sauces were inspired from Gordon’s travels to India. During his time there, Gordon was able to experience the best delicacies India had to offer. When Gordon went back home, he again gathered his team of chefs in order to create exquisite Indian sauces and using only the finest ingredients and spices used in Indian cooking. Gordon’s team was able to come up with a range of Indian sauces made from ingredients like tamarind, double cream, coconut and almonds. The sauces have been delicately flavoured using Indian spices such as curry leaves, garam masala and fenugreek, making the sauces able to transform any fish, meat or vegetable into a scrumptious dish.

Today, Seriously Good continues to produce its wonderful sauces, and are in the process of constantly developing new varieties of for consumers to enjoy. Gordon and Seriously Good also continue their commitment to support Comic Relief and all its humanitarian projects.

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