Smiths Food and Drug SupermarketSmith’s Food and Drug, is the leading supermarket chain in South Western regions of America. They sell a selection of products including meat, seafood, fruit and deli goods with many stores offering pharmacy products, gifts and a feature allowing digital photos to be manipulated.

Originally Smiths was a family run grocery store started by Lorenzo Smith in 1911, who rented a small space and turned it into a grocery store selling household staples such as rice and flour. Over two decades later, the family moved their business over the road to larger premises and named it “Smith and Son’s Market” in 1932. The final name change for this business was in the late 1980s when they branched out from food to drugstore products as well, consequently naming themselves “Smith’s Food and Drug.”

The largest growth percentage of the company was between 1946 and 1958, which saw the company refurbished and see a gross revenue increase of 50 percent. Sadly, the founder died soon after this momentous growth spurt. Later in the 1960s the company was forced to expand out of the Brigham City area as the area was saturated with similar stores and in the next decade over 150 stores sprang up across South Western America.

The most recent piece of history with regards to the business is the company being acquired by the Kroger Company in 1999. Since then they have moved on steadily adding loyalty cards called “Smith’s Rewards,” and gas stations, allowing shoppers to fill up, and to price check online.

The company uses by the mantra “Market fresh, Money smart,” making reference to both the business and the consumer and basically means that you get fresh food for good prices. As part of the Kroger Company banner, they are targeted towards an audience of value shoppers.

The company’s company headquarters at the following address: 1550 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, Utah 84104, U.S.A. Other important statistics are below.

Ownership: The Kroger Company
Public / Private: Private Owned
Mergers: Fred Meyer Inc.
Number of Stores: Over 2000 stores
Annual Revenue: N/A
Geography: Intermountain West and South Western America
Demographic: Value shoppers
Special Services: Digital Photos, Gas Station, Phone Services and Pet Insurance.

Fred Meyer
The Kroger Company

Private Selection

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