Michigan-based cooperative, the same producers of  Thumb Oil seed, announced a product recall last October 4th. The recalled product is a kind of soy flour used in the making of animal and human food.

The recall was announced because of a possible bacterial contamination in the affected soy flour. The company reported that it is recalling 360 1,500-lb. totes of the soy flour, as well as 2,623 40-lb. bags of soybean flour. Aside from this quantity, there was also a 0.08 ton of bulk soy that is said to be contaminated by the Salmonella bacteria.

Specific information about the recalled product is the following:

Nex Soy with lot number TF112310 thru TF033011

Soy Beginnings with lot number TF112310 thru TF033011

Soy Beginnings with a lot number of TF112310 thru TF082311

The recalled products were distributed in 40-lb. paper bags. The soy meal was packed and distributed after custom processing. The soymeal products have lot codes starting from O011711 until TF033011.

The recalled product was distributed to different areas in the states of Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada,Vermont, Wisconsin and New Hampshire. The shipments were made from November of 2010 until September of today. The company is also already looking for retailers and customers who may have taken hold of the affected product.

Salmonella is a harmful bacterial contaminant. In minor food poisoning, a Salmonella infection can cause high fever, nausea, headache and vomiting. In worst cases, there is a high possibility of death. Currently, there have been no reports of food poisoning that is connected to the recalled product. Customers with questions about the recall may call the company at 989-658-2344.