4 LBS Arabian Gold Black Seed Habbat el Baraka (Raw Nigella Sati...

4 LBS Arabian Gold Black Seed Habbat el Baraka (Raw Nigella Sati...

4 LBS Arabian Gold Black Seed Habbat el Baraka (Raw Nigella Sativa, Kalonji, Black Cumin Seeds, Caraway, GMO Free)

One of the most amazing seeds The Nigella Sativa or Black Seed, is the king of all curative seeds and sits on top of the seed chain. Sourced from one of the best places for this seed and we have it! Probably one of the most mentioned seeds in the holy scriptures from the Bible to the Quran, we are very proud to offer this "blessing to health" to our customers. See the amazing literature and list of benefits & uses of the Nigella Sativa Black Seeds here: www.nigellasativa.org GreenPlanet-Organics Raw Black Seeds are Non GMO, harvested carefully and contain volatile curative oils intact that are so important for health benefits. You can actually press these seeds in an oil press to extract the beneficial oils! These are also full of flavor and can be used for a multitude of ayurvedic and culinary uses as well. You can bake some great Black Seed bread, or make an amazing Mango Chutney in a traditional Indian recipe. This enhances the flavor of any type of curry including Tandoori Chicken and Garam Masala curries. We invite you to try and experiment! You can crush the seeds and mix with your favorite face mask (such as Bentonite Clay Mask) and apply to your face and hair for some superb skin nourishment. It is well known that even Cleopatra used Black Seed preparations for maintaining her health, beauty and vitality. The Black Seed is such a versatile gift of nature that it enhances your food, your skin and most importantly your overall health when used daily. I personally take a teaspoon with water every morning before breakfast and also boil it in my green teas, after all the beneficial oils particularly in this seed are nowhere else to be found in any other thing in the world! From GreenPlanet-Organics to you, enjoy!
  • Raw Non GMO Black Seeds
  • Contains volatile health giving curative oils intact
  • Great Thymoquinone value
  • King of seeds, Top of the curative seed chain. Kalonji Habbat el Baraka
  • Authentic Arabian Gold Black Seeds are shipped & sold only from GreenPlanet-Organics
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