40 birthday cake topper Black Number 40 Golden Flash English for...

-10% 40 birthday cake topper Black Number 40 Golden Flash English for...

40 birthday cake topper Black Number 40 Golden Flash English forty Cake Topper - Birthday Party, Wedding, 40th Anniversary Cake Decorations 40th birthday decorations 40 cake topper for 40th birthday

1:special cake topper design, initially using 300 grams of quality black glitter paper as the main body, and then on the number we added a layer of 300 grams of gold glitter glitter paper to enhance and enhance the quality of the cake topper. Just stick them on any cake and you'll have a piece of art. Attract more attention and create a cheerful atmosphere for your party.Perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthday parties, garden parties, baby showers, home decoration, and so on. 2 :The products are delivered by express delivery arranged by Amazon Mall. In order to better protect the transportation from unnecessary damage, we use cardboard covering the entire cake topper for protection. If you find a damage after receiving the package, you can contact Amazon Customer Service or us to provide you with a replacement or refund solution. We offer 100% after-sales service guarantee, just for your shopping. 3: cake tops can be used directly, because we have completed all the assembly, which can save you time and let you enjoy the joy of this party.
  • Classic black , showing maturity and sedate, and then with the golden flash of numbers to attract attention, for your party, create a cheerful atmosphere. Suitable for:Wedding,Anniversary,Birthday Party Decorations
  • The product has been assembled and can be used directly on the cake. It is protected by cardboard and can effectively prevent the product from being damaged.
  • Material: high-ranking Paper jam and Wooden stick
  • Size: cake topper, 6in*5.5in. Wooden stick, 4.7in
  • The delivery service for goods is arranged by Amazon Mall,Consult product arrival details,You can contact Amazon customer service to get answers.If the cake cap is damaged and damaged, please contact us and we will provide you with a reshipment, or a refund solution. Just to serve you, so you can enjoy your exclusive party and happy hour 100%.
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