Andreas Seed Oils - Coriander Seed Oil - Cold Pressed from USDA ...

Andreas Seed Oils - Coriander Seed Oil - Cold Pressed from USDA ...

Andreas Seed Oils - Coriander Seed Oil - Cold Pressed from USDA Organic, Non GMO Seeds ...

When I began pressing Andreas Coriander Seed Oil back in 2011, I was not fully aware of the immense powers locked inside the seed. I took Andreas Coriander Seed Oil, along with my other oils, and found the missing link that has led to a complete recovery from my Crohn's Disease. Andreas Coriander Seed Oil killed the main contributor of Crohn's Disease, Candida. Research has shown that the overgrowth of Candida is the cause of over 90% of health problems affecting Western Civilization. 

After taking Andreas Coriander Seed Oil in the years since, I have not been affected by common illnesses such as colds and influenza. I have seen health miracles happen in my family, as well as in other families, while taking this oil. 

My family uses Andreas Coriander Seed Oil for dental hygiene, digestion, prevention of food-borne illness, cuts and sprains, to reduce swelling and inflammation, and to reduce fever. I also Andreas Coriander Seed Oil for my horses and dogs, for internal and external use. I never leave the house without a bottle of Andreas Coriander Seed Oil, and I recommend you do the same. 

Andreas Wecker, Founder of Andreas Seed Oils


  • The use of coriander oil, produced from the seeds of the coriander plant, has provided numerous health benefits over the centuries.
  • Coriander seeds are rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron, copper, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and magnesium.
  • Its use in foods and in clinical agents could prevent foodborne illnesses, and even treat antibiotic-resistant infections, according to the authors of a study published in the Journal of Medical Microbiology.
  • This oil's warming effect may be helpful for alleviating muscle aches and pain related to rheumatism, arthritis, and muscle spasms and strains.
  • It may also be used to aid in digestion, ease cramps and convulsions, and treat fungal infections.



  • Made in USA
  • Cold Pressed using only Certified Organic, non-GMO seeds
  • Andreas Coriander Seed Oil is NOT an essential oil.
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