Asian Chef Sauce Set of 3 (8 oz GLASS Bottles) - Sampler Kit

Asian Chef Sauce Set of 3 (8 oz GLASS Bottles) - Sampler Kit

Asian Chef Sauce Set of 3 (8 oz GLASS Bottles) - Sampler Kit

Premium quality: 100% Authentic Ingredients, 0% Cheap Fillers
Clean, Fresh Taste: No MSG. No High Fructose Corn Syrup.
Low Sodium. Real Fruit. No Gluten Ingredients. No Funny Colors.
Promotes Healthy Diets and Local Farmers
Family Recipes - NOT 31 Flavors or Commercial Formulas
Time Saver: Scratch-Cooking or Ready-to-Use
Local Product - Made in USA
Ingredients Versatile: "Everyday to Gourmet"

Sweet Chili Peach (My Sweet Hottie MILD)
Finally, an authentic "home-style" sweet and tangy chili sauce and dressing with nature grown fruit that is not gooey sweet or artificially colored. Intense flavors bursting with fresh juicy peaches, orange, sesame and honey. Versatile as a dressing, dipping sauce and marinade. Soy free. Gluten-free.
Popular dishes: Sweet & Sour Slaw, Grilled Salmon, Fish Tacos, Lettuce Wraps, Pork Tenderloin

Soy Ginger Vidalia (You Saucy Thing)
Grandma's home recipe boasts a unique, fresh blend of 8+ fresh, savory ingredients, naturally brewed soy sauce and a southern twist--Georgia Vidalia Sweet Onions! Versatile and authentic scratch-cooking base for vegetables, marinade and steak sauce. More flavor, less salt. Beats the pants off plain soy sauce or sugary hoisin.
Popular dishes: 1-Minute Stir Fry or Noodles, Marinated Steak/Wings/Ribs/Burgers, Vegetables, Tofu, Meatballs

Superb BBQ Teriyaki Pineapple (Wild Wild East)
Crowd pleaser and family-favorite without cheap syrupy fillers or smoke additives. Don't be fooled by imposters. Taste the best of East-West traditions and tropical freshness with pineapple, molasses and naturally brewed soy sauce.
Popular dishes: Anything Chicken, Wings/Ribs/Burgers, Lettuce Wraps, Meatballs, Rice/Noodle Bowls

  • Made with real fruit and fresh Ingredients your stomach will thank you for the quality difference!
  • For every meal imaginable, these sauces are that versatile: meat, seafood, vegetables, you name it!
  • All Natural, No MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrups, Artificial Colors, or Preservatives
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