2 Extra-Large Nut Milk Bags - 15 x 15 - All Natural Organic Co...

-17% 2 Extra-Large Nut Milk Bags - 15 x 15 - All Natural Organic Co...

2 Extra-Large Nut Milk Bags - 15" x 15" - All Natural Organic Cotton Food Strainer for Yogurt, Cheese, Nut Milks, Tea, Coffee & More - 100% Eco-Friendly (organic cotton)

Imagine having your own delicious natural nut milks without all the other stuff that comes in those store bought ones. It's so simple to do with your Gaia Guy Nut Milk Bags.

Yes, you get 2 15" x 15" reusable almond milk Bags. Of course you can use it to make cashew milk or any nut milk really. It also is multipurpose - Organic Cheesecloth, Cold Brew Coffee Filter, Sprouting and more!

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These are easy to clean and easy to use given the great round bottom design with square mouth opening.

You get 2 extra large reusable and natural nut milk bags for the price of one.

Great customer service. We are addicted to making your experience top-notch so please get in touch with any questions or just to say how great these bags are too.

How about a 100% Money Back Guarantee? Sure, we want you to buy with confidence and peace of mind so take 90 days to give them a try.

OK click "Add To Cart" and your organic cotton nut milk bags will be on the way!

This is the same organic nut milk bags Gaia Guy offers on Amazon.com with the 5-star reviews.
  • BIGGEST ORGANIC COTTON NUT MILK BAG - Hemp uses less water and most often is grown with no pesticides so it is a sustainable all natural choice for this extra-large nut milk bag. This can handle everything a large cheese cloth would and a lot more. Everything from making a big batch of your own yummy almond milk (any nut milks), cold brewed coffee, sprouting needs and more covered!
  • VELVETY SMOOTH NUT MILKS - This food and juice strainer bag has a fine mesh. These means no random bits floating in your delicious drink. You'll be making great milks, juices, cheeses, cold-brewed coffee with ease. Most people are surprised just how easy it is to get healthy and delicious result with Gaia Guy nut milk bags
  • 15" x 15" BAGS ARE EASY TO CLEAN, REUSABLE & DURABLE - Rounded bottom won't clog with nut meal or pulp or come apart making cleanup a snap. Just give it a thorough rinse or pop in the washing machine. A quick air dry and you are done.
  • HEALTHIER DRINK AND HEALTHIER YOU - You've chosen a product that doesn't harm you or the planet. No plastic in the packaging either. Not only that but making these pure nutrient dense milks will save your health and pocket book from those boxed versions. Gaia herself thanks you too as these almond milk bags are free from dyes, plastic-free, chemical-free, biodegradable, vegan, gmo-free, and BPA-Free.
  • GREAT VALUE AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Gaia Guy wants you to be happy with your premium quality natural nut milk bag and strainer bag. Whether you use it with your blendtec or vitamix or for sprouting nuts and seeds we want your complete satisfaction. Let us know if you have any comments or concerns. We would love to hear from you. BUY NOW AND START MAKING YOUR OWN NUT MILK TODAY! Just click the "Add to Cart"
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