BIOLYTE 144-Pack

BIOLYTE 144-Pack

BIOLYTE 144-Pack (12 cases of 12 bottles)

Biolyte is an all natural hydration drink that has the same amount of electrolytes as an IV bag. Plus ingredients that help repair the liver, soothe the stomach, and give you an energy boost with vitamins and minerals. That is why people call us "the IV in a Bottle." Specifically designed to address: Dehydration, Fatigue, Stomach Illness, Muscle Cramps, and Overindulgence. Created by an Atlanta Physician who was the Head of the Board of Directors for Piedmont Hospital.
  • REPLENISH ELECTROLYTES AND FIGHT DEHYDRATION WITHOUT THE IV BAG AND NEEDLE - Biolyte is formulated based on the salt ratio in standard IV fluids, which provide the electrolytes your body needs to feel its best. It contains 650 percent more electrolytes than the leading sports drinks and 50 percent more than childrens rehydration products.
  • ALL NATURAL ENERGY BOOSTER - Biolyte contains L-carnitine, which is a natural amino acid that helps your body produce energy. It is important for brain function and muscle movement. It also contains Vitamin B3; Vitamin B5; Vitamin B12; and Vitamin B6. These essential B Vitamins all work together to help convert food into energy, help nerve cell function, and increase blood cell production.
  • HELPS EASE AND REDUCE NAUSEA - Biolyte contains dextrose, a superior sugar that is quick to absorb in the human body. Dextrose helps nausea, cramps, and fatigue. It also contains ginger root, which is a plant that has been an herbal remedy for soothing stomach illnesses for centuries.
  • BIOLYTE IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF - You are sick or nauseous and need to replenish lost fluids - or - A runner or athlete who needs to rehydrate or stay hydrated - or - You need to recover from a long night of celebrating - or - You are traveling and need a boost - or - An older adult who has problems with hydration - or - You just have a hard time drinking enough water or liquids.
  • AIDS IN LIVER RECOVERY - Biolyte helps with hangover recovery. It contains glucuronolactone, which is a naturally occurring chemical in human connective tissue. It is a major free-radical scavenger that the liver uses to detoxify the body of harmful wastes. It contains N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine, which is a compound that the body uses to build antioxidants, repair cell damage, and protect the liver from alcohol. And it also has milk thistle, which is a plant with anti-inflammatory properties that promo
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