Colombia Supremo 5 lb - Ground

Colombia Supremo 5 lb - Ground

Colombia Supremo 5 lb - Ground

5 pound bulk package, freshly roasted and shipped - ground. Free shipping in continental US. Packed in foil bags with kraft finish and one-way valve for maximum freshness.

Latest arrival January 2019 in grainpro bags which is unusual for a Supremo lot. The Huila region is home to some of Colombia's top coffee and is located in the south of the country, where the three cordilleras or mountain range merge. Huila is surrounded by Tolima, Cauca and Narino with together comprise the Southern growing region. Crops are harvested from April to June and from October to December. Coffee is grown under old, huge cotton-silk shade trees called Ceibas. Farm elevations are generally 5200 to 6000 feet. Ripe cherries are hand picked, mostly by women from the region, then wet processed using traditional fermentation, washing with pure mountain water using a series of canals, and sun-drying on patios. Supremo beans are large and uniform with 90% of them over screen 18.

Cup Characteristics: Clean and bright with intense aroma. Light acidity and generous sweetness. Nice preparation.

  • Freshly roasted and shipped
  • Free shipping in continental US
  • Light to medium (Full City) roast
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