Comte Cheese 1 lb

Comte Cheese 1 lb

Comte Cheese (1 lb)

Comte cheese is made from unpasteurized cow's milk and is produced in Franche-Compte region of France. Production of this cheese has been going on since the 12 th century and is currently the most popular cheese in France, even taking its surprised by its strong nutty flavor and the sweet hints of caramel running through it. When serving Comte, you aren't restricted by much. It's a good melting cheese, it grates well, and it's perfectly delicious cut into cubes and served as part of an appetizer. If you are looking for a wine pairing, opt for something light. Whites and yellows are a wonderful compliment and even a lighter red wine would be nice.
  • Made from Cow's milk
  • Flavor: Semi-Sharp
  • Recommended Wine: Reisling, Alsace
  • Product of France
  • Hand cut to order
  • Love It: 98
  • Brand: For The Gourmet
  • Product Code: 310968
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