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COONOE, Unicorn Cake Topper,Handmade Party Cake Decoration Supplies with multiple Eyelashes,Reuasble Gold Horn for Birthday Party,Baby Shower&Wedding

A long time ago,
our founder saw a mini cake on a mini cake with a small red flower cake ornament.
The design style of the cake is very common in the present era,
but in that era it was Very fresh fun.
Has passed for a long time,
but the children and parents of the year showed a usual smile,
our dream of creating this product comes from this.The dream is to be brave.
20 years later, our company was founded in 2019,
focusing on discovering the little fun of life.
We have done a lot of gadgets and small ornaments,
but in the end we chose to make cake and hat decorations This is a tough choice because the materials chosen are very safe,
so the cost of manufacturing is quite expensive,
and many times the manufacturing process can be done with cheap materials,
but our founder said that although the scale of our business is very small But the health of consumers is priceless,
we are making happy times,
all we can do is to appreciate this time!
Though we don't have a lot of people in our company,
we don't have much money, but we make every product carefully and make it by hand.
I hope that every buyer receives the goods and check them.
If there are any Problems,
please contact us. If the golden unicorn has changed during the transportation process,
you can choose to return the goods or hold it in the opposite direction for 5 minutes.
reduction. We will create more small accessories and gadgets in the future. We Hope that every buyer will have fun,
thank you to every buyer! ! Love you 3000 times! COONOE.
  • The best unicorn party accessories: When it comes to unicorn parties, unicorn cake decorations are a must! Every unicorn party needs to wear a special unicorn cake ornament for the birthday cake. Our cake decorations have a small amount of tulle bristles, which is different from ordinary unicorn cake decorations. It is so hard to make, it is very fascinating, unique you are suitable for the best unicorn cake accessories!
  • Convenient decorations save time: At the birthday or party, we consider that happy hours are always short and memorable, so our golden unicorn cake accessories are pre-set, just put the cake gently Above, put the eyelashes on the side. Great moments are on!
  • A variety of cakes compatible: Considering the different design styles of each cake, we try our best to make every part of the unicorn decorations the best, seven small flowers made of exquisite tulle fabric, under the illumination of the spotlight, thin The bright colors of the yarn flowers will be further exposed, bringing out the golden glimmer of the unicorn. We believe that most cake makers and owners will smile! Happy time, we congratulate each other! !
  • Never forget the party accessories: Use our unicorn party cake topper as a unique trend party theme, what a great way to record your wonderful party. Let your guests take an unforgettable photo, and let this wonderful time always be a wonderful moment in memory! 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! NO QUESTIONS ASKED - Not completely satisfied with our product? Please be sure to refund your full amount and contact us by email! We are more willing to listen to product defects for improvement.
  • Safe material production: At the same price, we have higher requirements for products. All materials have been extensively screened and finally selected materials that are more suitable for human body safety. Let us give more consideration to health while entertainment, suitable for any unicorn hobby. The ideal Christmas or birthday gift, graduation cake decoration, baby shower, Valentine's Day small toys.
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