Cultures For Health Greek Yogurt Starter | Re-use Heirloom Yogur...

Cultures For Health Greek Yogurt Starter | Re-use Heirloom Yogur...

Cultures For Health Greek Yogurt Starter | Re-use Heirloom Yogurt Culture Many Times Without Any Loss In Nutrients | Non GMO, Gluten Free | Makes Tart, Creamy Greek Yogurt | 2 Sachets In A Box

Make your own nutritious and yummy Greek yogurt with Cultures For Health dairy yogurt culture

Why buy yogurt off the shelves when you can easily make it at home yourself? Buy this Cultures For Health greek yogurt starter culture once and you can be making Greek yogurt time and again using the same batch of probiotic yogurt culture. How ingenious and cost effective!

Heirloom yogurt starter cultures

So what are heirloom probiotics yogurt cultures? With proper care, they're yogurt starter cultures that you can keep using again and again to make healthful Greek yogurt without any loss in nutrients. That's because, unlike commercially manufactured cultures, the heirloom probiotic yogurt starter has a more biodiverse set of microbes that don't deteriorate over time. That's why it can yield Greek yogurt with the same level of probiotics (a group of microorganisms that benefits gut, mental, heart health, among others) and nutrients time after time.

Gluten free and non-GMO yogurt probiotic starter

This Cultures For Health probiotics yogurt starter is gluten-free and made of non-GMO ingredients, which ensures that you get the highest quality Greek yogurt every time. Rest assured that there are no extra ingredients which could potentially wreak havoc on your health. Go on, make your own delicious and healthy yogurt at home - it's easy!

Get cracking with Cultures For Health yogurt cultures

It isn't rocket science to be making your own Greek yogurt in the kitchen. And it only takes a few minutes to prepare! In fact, when you buy our yogurt starter cultures for health, you'll get free access to our 155-page yogurt ebook with loads of recipes, articles, and how-to videos. For more details, check out Go on, start experimenting the various ways of creatively incorporating Greek yogurt into your meals or snacks.

  • MAKE YOUR OWN GREEK YOGURT USING YOGURT STARTER CULTURE: make your own delectably creamy and deliciously tart Greek yogurt using Cultures For Health probiotic-rich yogurt culture starter; packed with probiotics (a group of microorganisms that benefits the gut, heart, mental health, among others), Greek-style yogurt is also brimming with more protein per ounce (when you remove most of the whey) and is a wonderful ingredient in cooking and baking besides being a yummy breakfast boost
  • RE-USE HEIRLOOM PROBIOTIC YOGURT CULTURES MANY TIMES WITHOUT LOSS IN POTENCY: the yogurt probiotic starter from Cultures For Health are of heirloom quality, meaning that they'll not lose potency even if you were to re-use them many times; heirloom yogurt starters have a greater biodiversity in microorganisms that allows them to reculture over and over again, so you can use the same batch of starters to make greek yogurt with no loss in health benefits time and again - that's great savings
  • GLUTEN-FREE AND NON-GMO YOGHURT STARTER: make your own healthy Greek yogurt with absolute peace of mind using this organic yogurt starter sachet as it contains only the right ingredients and nothing artificial.
  • EASY-TO-USE GREEK YOGURT STARTER: it's easy to be making fresh, probiotic-packed yogurt at home using our heirloom greek yogurt starter; every sachet yields 1 quart of Greek yogurt and takes only a few minutes to prepare, and thereafter, you can continue making your own delicious yogurt batch after batch using a 2-3 spoonfuls of yogurt from the previous batch; detailed instructions are available at
  • VERSATILE YOGURT CULTURE STARTER: when you buy Cultures For Health yogurt starter, you not only make great-tasting Greek yogurt (you know what goes into it too), you can also get FREE access to our 155-page yogurt ebook with a treasure trove of easy recipes, articles and how-to videos; go on, unleash your creativity in yogurt
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