Bulk Chocolate Espresso Beans Marbled Cheetah - Dilettante - 5lb

Bulk Chocolate Espresso Beans Marbled Cheetah - Dilettante - 5lb

Bulk Chocolate Espresso Beans Marbled (Cheetah) - Dilettante - 5lb

If you love the rich flavor of quality chocolate and the boldness of a good cup of coffee, then you are going to love these chocolate covered espresso beans! Dilettante uses their own whole roasted coffee beans to make these delicious java morsels. We take a whole espresso bean and double coat it in a blend of premium dark and white chocolate for a crunchy jolt of chocolate coffee flavor. The bold taste of the coffee bean balances the sweetness of the chocolate perfectly so the flavor is not too sweet or too bitter. Here is what one satisfied customer had to say: "My cousin gave these as a gift for all her guests at her wedding. I had never been a huge fan of chocolate covered coffee beans, but after eating these I could not stop. They are that good! Buy them! You will not be sorry!" - Marlyn C., Lakewood, CA The chocolate espresso beans are made in Dilettante's special revolving kettles that cover each individual coffee bean with two smooth, even chocolate coats. At Dilettante, we are dedicated to creating superior products. All of the gourmet chocolates are made with pure, natural ingredients to create rich-tasting, high-quality goods. In making our chocolate espresso beans we use premium quality dark and white chocolate along with fresh roasted espresso beans. There are many possibilities of how you can use these tasty treats. - Add them to the dessert table at your next party - Make party favors for bridal showers, weddings, baby showers and more - Treat your coworkers at the office - Use them in gift baskets Your order will include one bulk bag of Dilettante's Chocolate Marbled Espresso Beans, net weight 5 pounds. The large-size bag saves money and ensures that you have enough chocolate candies to go around. We will ship the chocolate covered espresso beans direct to you from our warehouse.
  • Premium Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans; White & Dark Chocolate Blend
  • Made with high quality dark and white chocolate; no compound coating, preservative & filler free
  • Fresh roasted, crunchy coffee bean centers; We roast our own beans!
  • Product of the USA
  • 1 Bulk Bag of Cheetah Espresso Beans; net weight 5 pounds
  • Love It: 346
  • Brand: Dilettante
  • Product Code: 01-08-307-052071
  • Availability: In Stock
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