Dream Line Purple Touch Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Drink 750ml

Dream Line Purple Touch Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Drink 750ml

Dream Line Purple Touch Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Drink 750ml

Get the party started with Dream Line Purple Touch. The innovative beverage features a "magic effect" in which the liquid visibly flows; especially noticeable when the bottle is inverted. Try something new, accompany with food to enhance flavors, mix with drinks to create fun concoctions, or drink by itself to balance slightly salty foods.

Displays a color of intense amethyst, limpid and bright. Purple, flowing hues in the glass disk reflect a quality of freshness and youth. Clean aromas, fresh, very fruity and floral. Reminiscent of violet aromas, red fruit and tropical fruit. In the mouth it is fresh, pleasant, spicy, sweet and fruity with a long and intense aftertaste.
  • Non-Alcoholic, Non-Habit Forming, Zero Calories, Sugar Free; Compatible with Haute Cuisine, Suitable Every Day and a Staple in Serious Pantries and Well Stocked Bars; Created to Satisfy the Palate of Those Who Enjoy Wine & Liquor Drinks; Praised for Rarefied Sophistication. "Worthy of Le Water Bar Colette" (Paris) "Masterpieces, All Three."
  • 2 - 4 Oz Svg: Refrigerate Until Cold; Serve as a Cordial, in a Long Stem Water Glass, or Over Ice in a Rocks Glass; Add a Sprig of Herb for Garnish
  • Blue Vervain: Supports Relaxation; Full Bodied, Elegant with a Silky Texture, an Elusive Musky Taste and a Tranquil Repose
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Supports Vitality & Reduces Stress; Delicately Robust, Medium Bodied with an Easy, Balanced Vitality and a Rosy Taste; Complex, Subtle Layer Changes
  • Angelica: Supports Calm, Mildly Uplifting; Delicate, Lighter Bodied with a Sweet Taste, Inspired Aroma and Fresh, Rare Appeal; A Perfect Dessert Water
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  • Brand: Dream Line
  • Product Code: DreamlineAlcFree
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