Dried Pineapple Core Dice By Nutto Frutto Natural Diced Dried Pi...

Dried Pineapple Core Dice By Nutto Frutto Natural Diced Dried Pi...

Dried Pineapple Core Dice By Nutto Frutto Natural Diced Dried Pineapple Healthy Non Gmo Dried Fruit Pineapple Bag 16 oz (450 gr)

Make Snacking Fun Again With Nutto Frutto Diced Dried Pineapple Core Dice!
It is a healthy snack. It will keep your kids away from chocolate. It will balance between taste and low calorie intake.
Have a bag full of diced pineapples at work, road trips, college lessons, or at home.
Enjoy the best tropical pineapple flavor that you love so much all year long!
When Taste, Healthy Lifestyle & Easiness Meet!
Carefully packaged, all of our dried pineapple dices have a savory flavor.
Feeling hungry? Grab a bite to eat!
Waiting for the bus? Eat some dried pineapple dices!
Want your energy booster? Our healthy snack is here for you!
These luscious dried pineapple dices will be loved by kids and adults, and you won't be able to take your hands off the bag!
Premium quality packaged fresh dried pineapple dices.
Easy to store and carry!
Healthy snack for men, women and kids.
Diced pineapple fruit full of antioxidants, minerals, fibers, and enzymes.
  • Dried diced pineapple fruit is great for daily snack. If you are looking for healthy ways to snack on the go, this diced dried pineapple is for you.
  • Dried pineapple dice bag is easy to cary in your pocket or handbag.
  • Our diced dried pineapples will satisfy your hunger between meals. Enjoy them as snacks, in baked cakes and goods, with yogurt and granola or ice cream! It's simply up to you! Pineapple core is also perfect for your dog as dog treats.
  • Diced dried pineapple fruits are rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and minerals that help in digestion!
  • If you crave some sweet, our diced dried pineapple treat bag will do the job. Makes the perfect snack for yours kids who go crazy about sugary candies.
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  • Brand: Nutto Frutto
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