Everyday Care Package 50 Count + 1 Bonus Snack Snack Box - An ...

Everyday Care Package 50 Count + 1 Bonus Snack Snack Box - An ...

Everyday Care Package (50 Count + 1 Bonus Snack) Snack Box - An Assortment of Chips, Crackers, Candy, Cookies, Bars for Military, Students, Office, and More!

The Everyday Care Package includes: 

1 Ritz Crackers n' Cheesy Dip 

1 Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies 

1 Pringles Snack Stacks 

1 Cheez-it Original Snack Crackers 

1 Goldfish Crackers 

1 Chex Mix Traditional Snack Mix 

4 Twizzler Twists 

4 Laffy Taffys 

2 Airheads 

5 Jolly Ranchers Hard Candy 

4 Sour Punch Twists 

3 Now & Later Fruit Chews 

2 Black Forest Gummy Bears 

2 Nabisco Cookies 

2 Lance ToastChee Crackers 

2 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars 

2 Rice Krispies Treats 

2 Slim Jims 

2 Fruit Roll Ups 

2 Mini Pretzels 

2 Welch's Fruit Snacks 

1 Cracker Jack Caramel Coated Peanuts and Popcorn 

1 Crunchy Cheetos 

1 Takis Fuego 

1 Lay's Classic 

The Perfect Care Package for school, college, military, office spaces, and much more! Enjoy 50 snacks plus one extra snack! With this care package, that contains snacks for all to enjoy, you can teach your child healthy eating habits, send your college student a quick pick-me-up for when money is tight, or even give as a gift for someone's birthday. Perfect for holidays such as The Fourth of July!

  • CHIPS, COOKIES, CANDY AND MORE - You'll have a variety to choose from with this assortment of snacks!
  • GREAT GIFT FOR ANY EVENT - 50 snacks neatly packaged in our box will bring a smile to anyone.
  • 50 SNACKS IN ONE BOX - An assortment of 50 snacks plus one bonus to munch on! Chips, Cookies, Crackers, Candy, and more!
  • NEATLY PACKAGED IN OUR CARE PACKAGE BOX - All 50 items are organized neatly to ensure a snug fit!
  • Based upon availability, some snack flavors may be replaced with other flavors.
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  • Brand: Premium Penguin
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