Green & Blacks - Butterscotch Chocolate - 35g

Green & Blacks - Butterscotch Chocolate - 35g

Green & Black's - Butterscotch Chocolate - 35g

When the founder of Whole Earth, the pioneering organic food company, was sent a sample of organic cocoa beans over 25 years ago, he had a sample of 70% dark chocolate made up from the beans. When it arrived and was left on his desk, his wife spotted the unguarded bar and helped herself. She'd never tasted anything like it in her life and was certain that other confirmed chocoholics would love it as much as she did. And with that, Craig and Jo set about making organic chocolate.

They selected the name carefully, aiming to reflect the brands of their childhood, and chose Green to symbolises their strict organic principles and Black to represent the intensity of the chocolate.

Butterscotch is a traditional type of hard toffee that’s made from very simple ingredients, mainly sugar and butter. But Green & Black's use rich, thick molasses to give theirs a treacly taste that punches through the chocolate beautifully.

  • The artichoke is rich in fiber, which also helps to reduce blood glucose and controls the blood cholesterol levels, while protecting against constipation. When combined with green tea, red tea and white tea is a powerful weight loss formula. This tea is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation or for long periods. Place a bag of tea in a cup of boiling water for 5 minutes, preferably taken at night. The box contains 30 tea bags.
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