Gustafs Premium English Licorice Allsorts, 5 Lbs

Gustafs Premium English Licorice Allsorts, 5 Lbs

Gustaf's Premium English Licorice Allsorts, 5 Lbs

No candy in the world tastes like Licorice Allsorts, the famous licorice candy that has been greatly enjoyed by the English for over a century. This kosher assortment contains some not-too-chewy, melt-in-your-mouth Liquorice Allsorts including little licorice petit fours and a variety of colorful fruit and coconut pastels, each with a sweet licorice center.

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  • Classic Licorice from England
  • Bright, Colorful Assortment
  • Mixed flavors and designs
  • Packaged & distributed: By The Cup
  • Love It: 170
  • Product Code: B00XIIU650
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