Harolds Sissy Sweet Hot Pickles 16oz

Harolds Sissy Sweet Hot Pickles 16oz

Harold's Sissy Sweet Hot Pickles 16oz

The Sissy Sweet was born out of disgust, pure and simple. Harold had spent several years gathering the proper ingredients for The Original Beer Pickle, a super hot, salty dill pickle that was so perfect and crispy that he felt he had reached the paramount in his pickling skills. Not only was The Original Beer Pickle ever so tasty and crunchy, it had healing qualities, how could anyone not like it? For those that don't know, Harold spends many hours every week cutting up pickles to sample and feeding the appetite of anyone willing to say, "Gimme a taste of that there pickle." Day after day Harold was handing out samples of Frances Cowley's, his awarding winning and ever so popular 2X and 4X Texicun Gormay's and the crème de la crème of them all, The Original Beer Pickle. He was giving folks the best pickles they had ever tasted and ever so often someone would say in a whiney type voice, "Ya got any bread-and-butter pickles, you know, sweet ones? " At first Harold wanted to reach out and choke them but his gentleman manner and high self control found restraint. He basically did the civil thing and replied, "NO, ONLY SISSY'S EAT SWEET PICKLES"... if the person replied, "Well, we only like sweet pickles." He would call security and have them escorted away.(for their own protection of course.) As a reasonable man and a friend of many, the question of sweet pickles came up more and more as his fame grew. Finally after the gazzillionith time of someone asking if he made a sweet pickle he had enough. He goes into the kitchen at the shed and starts experimenting. First he burned a hole through a table, then he caught glass on fire and finally after months of experimenting and throwing caution to the wind he finally came up with a sweet pickle that didn't challenge his manhood. A happy ending to this story is that Harold now loves sweet pickles and thinks this could be his most unique flavor yet.
  • 1st PLACE in 'Hot Dill' category at 2011 International Pickle Festival Rosendale, NY
  • 1st PLACE Peoples Choice Award ZestFest 2012 Irving, TX
  • A sexy sweet flavor with a Habanero afterglow.
  • 2012 Fifty Best Gold Medal Winner
  • This could be Harold's best pickle yet.
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