Heartyhub Organic Cacao Powder: from Hand-Picked Peruvian Crioll...

-18% Heartyhub Organic Cacao Powder: from Hand-Picked Peruvian Crioll...

Heartyhub Certified Organic Cacao Powder: from Hand-Picked Peruvian Criollo Cocoa Beans - 16 oz Best Coco Powder Unsweetened Superfood

"I love it, I really love it. It blends easy in hot water, hot milk or hot coffee, have to work it a little more into cold beverages but that's with everything. It's flavor is top notch, oh my goodness, I use it in coffee, I make hot cacao and drink it at night, I tired something new I added ginger to it and let me tell you you gotta try it, you want a pick me up we'll that will do it. It's really fresh so to keep that way make sure you close the bag right. Update I loved it so much when my daughter came to visit from back east she tried it and loved so I bought her some, thank you so much" - Paula "I was originally going to purchase a more expensive item, but came across this product. It's Certified Organic, Single Origin, and unprocessed. I use it as a Superfood and add it to my protein shakes. The taste is great and unlike many other cacao powders it dissolves easily. I will definitely purchase this item again." - Evan "I use cacao primarily for supplementation, but occasionally use it to bake with. I've tried several different brands including Zint, Terrasoul, and Blue Lily Organics. This powder is extremely fine, have had no problems with clumping. It's slightly more bitter than other powders, but not in a distasteful sense. The cost of Zint went up so I tried this powder. Would definitely recommend. The only thing that I haven't liked was that the package was really irritating to get open, but not a big deal. Also, the ziploc on the bag actually snaps shut unlike some of the other brand packaging, another plus." - Rachel
  • -ORGANIC: Enjoy the rare Criollo variety cacao, harvested from small organic farms in Peru
  • -BAKING CHOCOLATE: Heartyhub chocolate baking powder is an amazing chocolate addition to your pastries, gluten free brownies or any other baking creations
  • -DIET FRIENDLY: Wether you want Keto cocoa, Vegan, or Paleo, our superfood powder will satisfy all your chocolate cravings
  • -BE HAPPY: Cacao naturally boosts your mood, stimulates cognition, and improves mental ability
  • -NO BS: No preservatives or artificial additives. It's unsweetened cocoa powder and undutched... just raw cacao
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