Hot Ones Season 4 Hot Sauces - Secret Aardvark, Queen Majesty, Z...

Hot Ones Season 4 Hot Sauces - Secret Aardvark, Queen Majesty, Z...

Hot Ones Season 4 Hot Sauces - Secret Aardvark, Queen Majesty, Zombie Apocalypse

QUEEN MAJESTY SCOTCH BONNET & GINGER HOT SAUCE (5oz) - perfectly balances a vibrant flavor with a slow-burning heat. This original recipe is very loosely based off of a Jamaican jerk recipe, but more to compliment than compete with it. The brightness of the ginger and lime also work perfectly to spice up soups and curries or mix a little with honey and use for sweet potatoes or wings. This is a surprisingly versatile sauce and can be added to almost all of your favorite dishes.** Winner of Screaming Mimi's Gold Medal 2015 in the All Natural category at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo ** SECRET AARDVARK HABANERO HOT SAUCE (8oz) - Secret Aardvark is a flavorful sauce made in Portland, Oregon. It is a Caribbean/Tex-mex fusion sauce with habaneros, roasted tomato, mustard, carrots, and onions. White wine vinegar gives it a unique tang. Try it on chicken wings or pizza. It is seriously good on everything! "Dump on Everything," the Secret Aardvark compels you!!!!!! **ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE GHOST CHILE HOT SAUCE (5oz) - You won't escape the pain of Zombie Apocalypse This EXTRACT FREE sauce has 16 ghost chili pods in every bottle, this is the 2nd hottest hot sauce we make in commercial runs!   This Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Chili pepper) hot sauce combines Ghost Peppers and Habaneros with a mix of spices, vegetables, vinegar and oil to create this almost sweet yet terrifyingly hot sauce. It burns like a blow torch, yet for those with discerning taste buds will notice the flavors of a cooked Habanero followed by the slow and intense pain of this Ghost Chili hot sauce. Some people will feel the burn right away, but others can take up to a few minutes, and either way it goes the heat will last for up to 20 minutes for a burn that feels like napalm......
  • As Featured on YouTube's Hot Ones - Series 4
  • 2 Free Palo Alto Firefighters Pepper Sauce Packets
  • Queen Majesty, Torchbearer, Secret Aardvark
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