Jovy Enchilokas Watermelon Flavor & Tamarind Covered Gummies wit...

Jovy Enchilokas Watermelon Flavor & Tamarind Covered Gummies wit...

Jovy Enchilokas Watermelon Flavor & Tamarind Covered Gummies with Chilli | Mexican Candy, Chilli - Covered Snacks Pack of 3 6oz each

Who can resist delicious Mexican candies? Their succulent taste will send your taste buds to heaven. Experience these delicious flavorings for yourself. Each candy piece is covered with an appetizing chili powder. Our Watermelon flavored Enchilokas candies are artificially flavored. It's a delightful mixture of sweet, spicy, and sour tastes. Has your mouth started watering yet? We're practically drooling just thinking of these luscious candies. Each candy is individually wrapped for your convenience, making them more portable. You'll receive 3 bags of 10 individually wrapped candies. That's 30 candies! Each bag weighs about 5.29 oz The small size of these colored candies makes them great for stuffing pinatas. Watermelon Enchilokas is a must for any fiesta. They pay homage to the beautiful country of Mexico so you can bring the Mexican spirit to your fiesta with these delectable, gourmet candies. These candies will make your party a hit! You can pass the candies out during Halloween for trick-or-treating or use them as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. At Jovy Candy, we're dedicated to making exquisite, savory sweets and candies. We use yummy extracts, flavorings, and concentrate to create divine candy masterpieces. Our Mexican candies will remind you of home, bringing back nostalgic memories. You can order them in bulk or as individual bags. Experience these rich, enticing candies for yourself. Order Enchilokas today!
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: When you pop these Mexican candies into your mouth, you'll experience an explosion of flavor. Sweet, sour, and spicy flavorings come together for an intriguing and captivating taste. Delicious chili powder coats the candies. These candy pieces are artificially flavored.
  • AUTHENTIC MEXICAN TREAT: This bundle of candy was made in Mexico. Show off your Mexican heritage. For decades, Mexicans have enjoyed fruit-flavored candy. One of the best ways to enjoy chili-covered fruit-flavored candy is with our Enchilokas Watermelon flavored. Buy this Mexican candy package today!
  • GREAT FOR FIESTAS: Complete your fiesta with the ultimate party favors with our colorful Watermelon flavored Enchilokas. These candies are the perfect size for filling up gift bags or for stuffing a pinata. Kids love them! Buy this assortment of candies for your party today! They're a delight for little boys and girls!
  • PERFECT FOR HOLIDAYS: This mix of candies will brighten your Cinco de Mayo celebrations. They're a great cultural attribute to your home country. They'll add authenticity to a Mexican themed party. They're also great for Halloween. You can pass them out to kids trick-or-treating. Use them as a stuffing stocker for Christmas. Throw some pieces in an Easter basket.
  • JOVY CANDY: Jovy Candy strives to create delicious, appetizing candies that will satisfy your taste buds. We use specialized extracts, flavorings, and concentrate to deliver satiating flavors. You can buy these sweet foods in bulk boxes or as individual bags. Use our candies for all your party and holiday needs.
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