LEM 9151 Backwoods Meat Loaf & Sausage Seasoning 25-Lbs

LEM 9151 Backwoods Meat Loaf & Sausage Seasoning 25-Lbs

LEM 9151 Backwoods Meat Loaf & Sausage Seasoning (25-Lbs)

Meet our new "old" American standby...backwoods sausage and meatloaf seasoning are filled with a master blend of spices and salt. Use this all-purpose seasoning in meatloaf, add to sausage, poultry dressing, casseroles or as a rub on any meat before cooking. Instructions for both homemade fresh Pork sausage and seasoned meat loaf are right on the back. LEM products makes home meat processing easy! we deliver high quality meat processing equipment: meat grinders, jerky making equipment, and vacuum Sealers along with the needed supplies for the Hunter and home meat processor. Our products allow everyone from butchers, Restaurants, and the at-home meat processor to make delicious sausage, jerky and other meat products, all while controlling the healthy content of the foods they provide for their family and friends. LEM is the leader in game processing. We research what our consumers need and translate that into products that help hunters save time and money by turning their hard-earned game into the purest organic meat that can be found. All of our LEM products and backwoods seasonings have been customized and crafted with the home game processor in mind. Our meat grinders and sausage stuffers are used by hunters and Restaurants alike. Our vacuum Sealers are powerful enough to handle the continuous sealing that fishermen often need. Our dehydrators and slicers are built for meat processors who love making jerky and deli-thin meat. Whether you need a meat grinder, sausage stuffing machine, dehydrator, deli meat slicer, freezer storage solutions, food storage, casings, or seasoning, we will deliver it in a high-quality way. Our goal is to deliver high quality products that make food preparation easy and fun. We will support our customers with end-to-end service and guaranteed satisfaction. We believe home processing to be an essential part of the outdoor experience and will continue to promote the responsible use of our greatest gift, the bountiful outdoors.
  • Ally american seasoning for sausage and meat loaf
  • Ingredients: salt, sage, black pepper, red pepper, coriander and dextrose
  • Shaker and spoon-out lid
  • Seasons up to 25-pounds of meat
  • Net weight: 24 oz
  • Love It: 167
  • Brand: LEM Products
  • Product Code: 9151
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $24.72



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