Loloz - Anti Cavity Berry Lozenges - 3 To 6 Months of Protection...

Loloz - Anti Cavity Berry Lozenges - 3 To 6 Months of Protection...

Loloz - Anti Cavity Lozenges, Berry, 3 To 6 Months of Protection (20 pieces)

Loloz are the first lollipops and lozenges that can reduce the levels of bacteria known to cause cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. Active ingredient Cavibloc is a specific herbal formula extracted from licorice root that targets and disables the major organisms (Streptococcus mutans and Sobrinus, along with Lactobacilli) that cause tooth decay. This remarkable ingredient not only kills the bacteria that can lead to dental cavities, there is no need to take it every single day - Loloz actually prevents new bacteria from forming for up to 6 months after completing the 10 day regimen.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS All natural, with no sugar, Xylitol, or added color. Choose from lollipops or lozenges
  • DELICIOUS Comes in three great fruit flavors kids and adults alike will love: berry, lemon, or orange
  • STUDIED, PROVEN, AND DENTIST APPROVED Clinically tested and shown to reduce bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease
  • ONE OF A KIND CAVITY FIGHTER Active ingredient Cavibloc, a licorice root extract, targets and disables bacteria
  • EASY TO USE Unlike other anti cavity products, no need to take multiple times a day, every day. Enjoy two Loloz lollipops or lozenges twice daily for 10 days, and be protected from bacteria for up to 6 months
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