Martins Potato Sandwich Rolls- 8pk 15 oz 3 bags

Martins Potato Sandwich Rolls- 8pk 15 oz 3 bags

Martin's Potato Sandwich Rolls- 8pk 15 oz (3 bags)

Martin's potato rolls and bread: Martin's potato rolls have helped many chefs and restaurants win top honors in burger contests! Use them for your backyard BBQs and you'll be a winner too! Perfect for burgers, they're also great for sloppy joes, pulled pork, cold cuts, and even PB&J! One of our customers said it best: "Marlin's potato rolls are like a hug for your sandwich!" High quality ingredients = great tasting rolls and bread! We use the highest protein wheat flour available, nonfat milk, potatoes, real cane sugar, yeast, vegetable oil, and butter in our bakery products. We believe that our high quality ingredients and our dedication to excellence are what has made "Martin's famous potato rolls" the preferred choice in America for the past 50 years!
  • GUARANTEED FRESH - Our bread is guaranteed fresh until the printed day. Shipped factory fresh each day!
  • TASTE- Famous Dutch taste.
  • NO PRESERVATIVES - Martin's products simply do not need them!
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  • Brand: Martins
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