Matiz España Deluxe Authentic Paella Kit with Traditional Pan an...

Matiz España Deluxe Authentic Paella Kit with Traditional Pan an...

Matiz España Deluxe Authentic Paella Kit with Traditional Pan and Ingredients

It's said the most authentic paella comes from the Spanish community of Valencian. Recreate, Arroz a la valenciana (Spanish), "Rice from Valencian", in your own home with the MATIZ AUTHENTIC PAELLA KIT. Only the freshest and authentic ingredients are included.

PAELLA RICE - Matiz Bomba Rice - It's all about the rice. Short grain rice from Spain absorbs lots of liquid for the plumpest grain and best flavor

PAELLA SAUCE - Matiz Sofrito - Spanish tomatoes, onions and olive oil simmered hours add intense, traditional flavors from Spain.

Matiz Piquillo Peppers- Fire-roasted piquillo, "little beak" peppers add outrageous flavor to paella.

OLIVE OIL - Olivar de la Luna - Big and buttery organic olive oil from a small family farm in southern Spain

MATIZ ESPANA SAFFRON - Grade 1 the highest grade saffron is packed in Spain and imported directly preserving color and freshness. A must for gorgeous golden paella

REY DE LA VERA PIMENTON - Spanish smoked paprika grown and dried the traditional way

PIPARRA PEPPERS - Serve as an appetizer, even better with olives and cured meats

SUPPORT ORGANIC AGRICULTURE - A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of Olivar de la Luna Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil will go directly back to the Olivar farm in Southern Spain, supporting solar power projects and helping to secure this farm's organic future.

  • ALL IN ONE EASY PAELLA KIT includes high quality Saffron, Sofrito, Pimenton and Paella Rice. Just add your own fresh vegetables, meats and broth.
  • UPGRADES INCLUDED IN THE DELUXE PAELLA KIT - All the same ingredients as the Traditional Kit with an upgraded paella bomba rice and additional Olivar Olive Oil, Piquillos and Piparra Peppers boost variety, flavor and texture to your paella.
  • FRESHEST INGREDIENTS come directly from Spain which Matiz imports to ensure freshness and quality at your dinner table.
  • STOVE TOP TO TABLE - Bring this authentic paella pan directly to the table in traditional fashion. This authentic paella pan allows maximum rice contact so the cooking liquid can evaporate consistently and evenly enhancing the flavors and texture. This paella pan serves up to 4-6 of your closest friends and family.
  • PAELLA MADE EASY - A recipe written with the chef in mind, the included easy to follow recipe takes the guesswork out of Paella. Your guests will think you've been cooking Paella for years. Additional recipes included to generate ideas for your next paella party.
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