Mexican Seasoning Blend - Tex Mex Seasoning - Mexican Spice Blen...

Mexican Seasoning Blend - Tex Mex Seasoning - Mexican Spice Blen...

Mexican Seasoning Blend - Tex Mex Seasoning - Mexican Spice Blend - Taco Spices - Fajita Mix - Chicken Burgers - Fish Taco Seasoning Powder - Burrito Seasoning Mix - Spicy Salsa - MEXICAN IN A MINUTE

Take the Thinking Out of Cooking

Bring on that Mexican heat! Mexican Seasoning Mix is a one-of-a-kind spicy seasoning blend that can be used in hundreds of ways. This all-purpose seasoning salt combines the intense flavors of cumin, cocoa, jalapeno, red pepper, and other Mexican spices.

This blend is something special. Spiced robust flavor with essence of cumin, cocoa, jalapeno and red pepper! Add it to beans for instant satisfaction - black beans will burst with flavors you never new existed. Great in salsa, or with sour cream or Greek yogurt. Rub on chicken, ribs, flank steak, fish and much more. Makes awesome soups and enchilada sauce too!

Ingredients Include

sea salt, kelp, dulce, jalapeno, cumin, cocoa powder, onion, red pepper, cilantro, garlic, green onion, red and green bell pepper, oregano, lemon peel, lime peel and black pepper

Best Mexican Seasoning!

Make salsa with ease. Sprinkle on your beans for instant satisfaction. Your dishes will burst with flavors you never new existed. Try adding some to rice or quinoa when cooking for a little kick. Grill or rub on steak chicken, pork chops or fish. It's a healthy seasoning mix that's sure to bring every dish alive with that extra special chipotle zest.

Use It On Almost Everything

Spice up eggs in the morning
Use when slow-cooking pork for carnitas
Mix in sour cream or yogurt for a surprising dip
Add spice to your salad dressings
Put Tex-Mex pizazz in your soups

Helping You Cook Fast, Fresh and Healthy

World Seasonings is a family-run business located in San Diego, CA. With the right ingredients, we believe anyone can become a great cook and learn how to make healthier food while saving time and money. Our perfect seasoning blends can be used every day on pretty much anything you cook. All natural, gluten free and made from the highest quality of dried herbs and spices available
  • SPICE IT UP: Get that authentic tex mex flavor in with our all purpose seasoning mix.
  • NATURAL HERBS AND SPICES: The perfect blend of dried red bell peppers and Mexican cocoa powder.
  • 5 STAR CHEF: No need for fancy cooking methods, this tex mex seasoning ensures mouthwatering flavor.
  • GLUTEN FREE SEASONING: Use our spicy mix as a burger seasoning, chicken fajita marinade and more!
  • WORLD CLASS SAVORY SPICE: Make healthier, tastier food with any dish while saving time and money.
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