Mini Chocolate Sweets - Chocolate Variety 2 x 150 g, Ritter Spor...

Mini Chocolate Sweets - Chocolate Variety 2 x 150 g, Ritter Spor...

Mini Chocolate Sweets - Chocolate Variety 2 x 150 g, Ritter Sport/Germany

Alpine whole milk Chocolate, cocoa: 30% at least White chocolate Stuffed milk chocolate with strawberry-skimmed milk yoghurt cream (33%), rice crisp (0.9%) and strawberry pieces (0.6%) Cocoa butter biscuit (12.5%) and cocoa cream (27%) in whole milk chocolate.___1912. With the founding of the chocolate and sugar confectionery factory of Alfred Eugen Ritter and Clara Ritter, b. Göttle, the cornerstone of the RITTER SPORT chocolate story was laid in the Inner Moltkestraße in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, because here the first "Ritter" chocolates were produced and sold. 1932. The chocolate square is baptized under the name "Ritter's Sport Schokolade". Clara Ritter's proposal to produce a square chocolate bar is quickly approved by the family. "Let's make a chocolate that fits into any sports jacket bag without breaking, and has the same weight as the normal long bar.» Also in the range: bars, chocolates, Easter and Christmas items. 1974. A revolution in the chocolate market: The entrepreneur Alfred Otto Ritter makes a bold decision and introduces the "Colorful Palette". Each variety receives a characteristic, cheerful color. One reads on the billboards, among other things in reference to the still quite young color television: "Everything becomes more colorful, happier, more modern, more active - also the chocolate that belongs to it."___AVERAGE NUTRITIONAL PERFORMANCE PER 100G. Energy: 2314 kJ / 555 kcal; fat: 34 g, of which saturated fatty acids: 20 g; carbohydrates: 55 g, of which sugar: 53 g; protein: 6.3 g; salt: 0.21 g. Manufacturer: Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG. Alfred-Ritter-Str. 25, D-71111 Waldenbuch.
  • Mini varieties White and Strawberry yoghurt, Alpine Milk and Cocoa Biscuit are for every chocolate occasion;
  • Varieties: Alpine Milk, white, strawberry Yoghurt and Cocoa Biscuit;
  • RITTER SPORT was the first chocolate manufacturer which received the ZNU Sustainability Certificate and also passed the surveillance audits of the following years;
  • One box contains 9 mini chocolates. Free Shipping.
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