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Mlesna Pure Ceylon Tea Taster's Choice Loose Tea Mini Collection -5 Assorted Black and Green Tea

Sri Lanka (originally called Ceylon) has been producing quality teas for centuries. It is estimated that around 4 percent of Sri Lanka is covered by tea plantations. Different climates, regions and elevations (from low altitudes of 0 -2,000 ft. above sea level to 6,200 ft. above sea level) contribute to the unique characteristics and varieties of Ceylon tea. Although there are regional nuances, classic Ceylon flavor is typically bold, full and brisk with notes of citrus, chocolate or spice. Ceylon black tea is one of Sri Lanka’s most celebrated specialties and is a favored beverage around the globe. Enjoy it plain or experiment with milk, lemon, honey or sugar.

About Mlesna

Mlesna launched in 1983 and in less than 34 years they have a growing clientele of more than 37 countries. Mlesna has achieved international stature in superior quality teas and exquisite packaging, thus servicing a niche market for specialty teas. The outstanding quality of their products is proven by the 83 awards Mlesna has to its accreditation, including nine World Star awards for Packaging Excellence and Superior quality products, awarded by the World Packaging Organization.

It has been proven time and again that tea from the house of Mlesna is no simple affair; it is by design the best Ceylon has to offer in a cup. The passionate tasters and blenders at the house of Mlesna take great care in creating unique blends and gift tea creations. Creating a choice that exudes the meaning of good taste is not a game of chance. Each week a group of tasters select the best from over 11,000 tea samples, which are carefully chosen from seven different agro climatic regions across Sri Lanka, once known to the world as Ceylon.

At Mlesna we do not believe that there are people who don’t drink tea – we simply understand that not everyone has found their cup of tea.

  • Exclusive Quality: Certified 100% pure Ceylon tea grown in Sri Lanka.
  • Five Mini Loose Tea Packs: A nerve-soothing mellow brew (Black), Flowery aromatic BOP tea (Black), Fine Ceylon breakfast tea (Black), Ceylon gold tea (Black) and Chinese green tea (Green) included.
  • Perfect Gift: Attractively packaged. Ideal for gift giving or to indulge in yourself.
  • How to: Brew one tea bag per serving in tea pot or tea cup. Remove infused tea bag after 2 to 3 minutes. Serve hot with sugar to taste, if desired. If preferred cold, chill in refrigerator and serve over cubes of ice, with sugar syrup to taste. Water temperature for green tea should be around 180 degrees Fahrenheit (80 degrees Celsius) and Water temperature for black tea should be between 200- and 212-degrees Fahrenheit (93 - 100 degrees Celsius)
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