Newmans Own Organic Cranberries -- 4 oz

Newmans Own Organic Cranberries -- 4 oz

Newman's Own Organic Cranberries -- 4 oz

The dried fruit line is 100% organic and contains no sulfites. "We are proud to partner with U.S. Certified Organic Farmers and Processors whose commitment to organic practices makes these wonderful dried fruits available to you. Purchasing our organic products supports their efforts," states Nell Newman, Co-founder and President of Newman's Own Organics.Dried fruits have gone beyond their traditional roles and are now replacing high-fat, high-sugar snacks and drinks. All can be used to add a special flavor to today's ethnic recipes and family favorites, as well as continuing to be a staple for bakers.
  • Organic dried cranberries

  • Great alone or in baked goods

  • Gluten free

  • Gluten Free, Organic, Cruelty Free
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  • Brand: Newman's Own
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