Organic, Sprouted Baby Cereal Assortment: Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oa...

Organic, Sprouted Baby Cereal Assortment: Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oa...

Organic, Sprouted Baby Cereal Assortment: Quinoa, Brown Rice, Oat - 7 Oz. (198 g) Each - 3 Pack Bundle

GLUTEN FREE Assortment of 3 Organic, Sprouted Baby Cereals: Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Oat.

Give your family the nutrition they need for a healthy, vigorous lifestyle. Bio-Kinetics cereals can help at every stage of life, from babies and toddlers to teenagers and adults.

The secret lies in the sprouting cycle. Bio-Kinetics starts with healthy organic grains, which are sprouted to unlock the energy and nutrition trapped inside the dormant grain. Then, at the perfect moment of the growth cycle, the grains are dried and preserved to maximize their nutritional value.

Test results show that this process:
• Increases vitamins and minerals
• Enhances live enzymes
• Provides prebiotics and probiotics

Simply add milk for a satisfying, healthy baby cereal. Or add to a smoothie for an extra nutritional boost.

Brown Rice cereal: Made solely from organic sprouted brown rice flakes, this cereal provides wholesome goodness without the addition of foreign vitamins or minerals. Gluten-free and easy on the digestive system.

Quinoa cereal: This sprouted ancient grain makes a nutrient-dense cereal perfect for growing bodies. Gluten-free and packed with natural vitamins and minerals.

Oat cereal is gluten-free and a good source of 11 vitamins and minerals.

Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Oat cereals are gluten-free.

  • GLUTEN FREE ASSORTMENT: Your baby will enjoy a tasty assortment of 3 easy-to-digest gluten free varieties: Brown Rice, Oat, and Quinoa.
  • ORGANIC AND SPROUTED: Choose rich nutrients for an energized life with all-natural cereals made entirely from organic sprouted grains.
  • ADDITIVE FREE: Discover the transformative health benefits of natural enzymes and expressed nutrients, rather than the additives found in most baby cereals.
  • MADE IN THE USA: Protect your baby's well-being with cereals made in the USA and packaged in convenient BPA-free pouches.
  • THE REAL THING: Nutty, earthy fragrance characteristic of fresh, sprouted grains - not like processed dry cereals with no smell
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