Reeds Hard Candy Root Beer Rolls - 24 / Box

Reeds Hard Candy Root Beer Rolls - 24 / Box

Reed's Hard Candy Root Beer Rolls - 24 / Box

If you're a fan of rootbeer, then we're going to guess that you're an even bigger fan of rootbeer candy! It's kind of hard not to be. There's nothing better than getting to enjoy your favorite soda flavor in candy form! And lucky for you, root beer is so popular, you have quite a few delicious candies to choose from. But since you're here, we'd like to suggest these Reed's Hard Candy Root Beer Rolls! A tasty, root beer-y treat, our Reed's Hard Candy Root Beer Rolls are too good to pass up. There are 7 wrapped pieces of candy per roll. Each roll has a net weight of 1.01 ounces, and they're made with all natural colors and flavors. These little gems have been pleasing sweet tooth cravings since 1893. And after just one bite, we think you'll understand why!
  • FRESH BAKED COOKIES - Each box of cookies is baked fresh by hand by the ladies of Thumbs Cookies.
  • GOURMET COOKIE FLAVORS - Each order comes with three gift boxes. One cookie basket with Chocolate Chip Cookies, one with Cinnamon Sugar Cookies and one with Peanut Butter Sea Salt Cookies.
  • GOURMET GIFT BASKET - Perfect gift box of cookies for him or her for any occasion with a variety that caters to every cookie lover.
  • TRADITION YOU CAN TASTE - Thumbs Cookies recipes have been passed down 4 generations. Now you can endulge in the tradition of thumbs cookies with your family. A great homemade dessert everyone will love.
  • FRESH INGREDIENTS - Thumbs Cookies are made with real fresh ingredients. No Preservatives. Because that's what great-grandma's recipe calls for and that what you can feel confident feeding to your guests, kids, and family.
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