Routes de Terre Whole Black Summer Truffles Preserved in Natural...

Routes de Terre Whole Black Summer Truffles Preserved in Natural...

Routes de Terre Whole Black Summer Truffles Preserved in Natural Juices - Delicious for Gourmet Italian and French Fine Dining

Real black summer truffles, preserved at peak ripeness so you can enjoy them year round. The flavors are much more subtle than fresh truffles - these are delicate and sophisticated. We recommend chopping or mincing these for sauces and enhancing the aroma with truffle butter, salt or oil. You can also shave the whole truffles over pasta, polenta, potatoes, roasts or seafood. ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Black truffles (Tuber Aestivum), truffle juice and salt.
  • MUCH LOWER COST THAN FRESH BLACK TRUFFLES Feature as the primary truffle ingredient, infusing your dishes with real truffle flavor and aroma. Garnish with more expensive fresh truffles if you like. You can amplify the truffle flavors with black truffle salt, truffle butter and real truffle oil. Complementary ingredients and flavors: olive oil, butter, cheese, garlic, rosemary, black pepper, honey.
  • SO VERSATILE - PERFECT FOR PASTA, RISOTTO, MAC AND CHEESE, SAUCES AND STEAK You can slice, dice, shave, mince or puree to elevate a wide range of dishes: Ravioli, noodles, potatoes, polenta, rice, toast, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, mousse, pate and fois gras, truffle butter, aioli, glazes, fancy ketchup, Alfredo and other cream sauces. Combine with pan juices (jus) to make unforgettable toppings for chicken or steak. Make truffle mayonnaise - the ultimate dip for French Fries!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY EUROPEAN BLACK TRUFFLES PRESERVED IN NATURAL JUICES Features rich, ripe subtle truffle aroma and flavor. Popular with home cooks in France and Italy.
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR THE FOOD LOVERS IN YOUR LIFE The gourmet's choice. Oprah agrees!
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