ROYAL HIMALAYAN Organic Peruvian Maca Powder, 8 OZ

ROYAL HIMALAYAN Organic Peruvian Maca Powder, 8 OZ

Royal Himalayan, Peruvian Maca Powder, 8 Ounce

The Best Maca Powder Comes From Peru For 3,000 years, the maca plant grown in Peru has been cultivated in the high plateaus of the Andes mountains where the air is free of pollution and the soil is dense in nutrition. It is absolutely GMO-free as the Peruvian government has banned all genetically modified organisms from its agriculture since June 2011 until 2021.

Peruvian Ginseng Maca has come a long way from the traditional medicinal and trade uses. Yes, ancient tribes exchanged maca powder as currency for other goods. Today, maca powder is nicknamed Peruvian Ginseng due to its popularity as a supplement and food ingredient. Many users of maca powder attest to its health benefits including increased energy, hormonal balance, mood improvement and bowel consistency.

How is Raw Maca Powder different from Gelatinized Maca? Raw maca powder is produced through the traditional process of harvesting the maca root, drying by air and pounded into powder. All this is done by hand without the aid of chemicals. Gelatinized maca is produced by cooking the maca powder; heat decreases the nutritional benefits of maca.

USDA Certified Organic by Organic Certifiers.

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  • Usda Certified Organic - Maca Is A Root Vegetable, Cultivated For Thousands Of Years In Peru, Used As A Tonic For Stamina, Libido And Fertility. Modern Research Has Shown That Maca Can Alleviate Symptoms Of Stress And Fatigue.
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